· Application Fee: $10 There is a small application fee for degree seeking students only.

· Undergraduate Tuition: $15 per credit hour, due at course registration. (only $45 / course!)

· Graduate Tuition: $30 per credit hour, due at course registration.

· Master of Theology Tuition: $45 per credit hour + $200 thesis fee, due at course registration.

· Doctorate Tuition: $50 per credit hour + $300 dissertation fee, due at course registration.

· Graduation fee: $200 per student, due after the completion of all course requirements.

· Transcripts: Your first set of transcripts is free! Additional transcripts requests are $10 each.

Tuition is normally paid on a course-by-course basis. Most courses are 3 credit hours, depending on the academic program. Biblical Hebrew and Greek language courses are 6 credit hours each.

There are no additional fees or hidden charges. 



Each student is responsible to acquire his or her own Bibles and textbooks. Each course has assigned textbooks, and you will find out which books are required when you log in to your courses. The instructions in your course will indicate whether the assigned textbooks are required or merely suggested resources. Of course a Bible is always necessary. New King James Version is recommended. Two to three good translations is desirable. Textbook costs vary, and several of our courses have the textbooks included free of charge.



Refer other students to WTS and make money! Any current student who successfully refers another student who enrolls by paying tuition in full in advance will receive $100 for EACH new student they successfully refer. As soon as we receive your referral's tuition payment. We will send you your referral fee. This referral program only applies to tuition paid in full for an entire program. The "buddy system" cannot be included with this offer. If the student you refer receives a scholarship, the percentage of the scholarship will be subtracted from your referral fee. However, your referral may receive the 10% or 25% discounts, and this will not affect your referral fee. Thanks for helping us get the Word out!



Some scholarships and special discounts are available for small churches, house churches, foreign missionaries, students with demonstrated financial need, and students living in impoverished countries. Please use the 'Contact Us' tab if you would like to request a scholarship.



The "buddy system" allows you to study with a friend or a spouse without paying any additional tuition. Your spouse or "buddy" can study with you in the same program tuition-free or in a different program for half tuition. All fees still apply for your spouse or buddy. If enrolling in different programs, you must both begin your programs at the same time. If enrolling in the same program, you must begin and end the program at the same time.



All military, veterans, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics receive a 10% DISCOUNT off all tuition and fees. 

We offer a 25% DISCOUNT on all of our programs if tuition is paid in full prior to the start of the program.


How does this translate?

· Associate's Program: $675 (for the entire program!)

· Bachelor's Program: $1,350 ($675 if you already have an Associate's)

· Master of Ministry - 36 credits: $810 (entire program)

· Master of Biblical Studies - 42 credits: $945 (entire program)

· Master of Theological Studies - 45 credits: $1,012.50 (entire program)

· Master of Christian Counselling - 60 credits: $1,350

· Master of Divinity - 90 credits: $2,025 (entire program)

· Master of Theology - 30 credits post-MDiv: $1,162.50 (including thesis and up to 4 doctoral courses)

· Doctor of Ministry - 36 credits: $1,440 (entire program, including dissertation fee)

· Doctor of Biblical Studies - 45 credits: $1,743.75 (entire program, including dissertation fee)

· Doctor of Theology - 54 credits: $2,047.50 (entire program, including dissertation fee)

· Doctor of Philosophy - 60 credits: $2,250 (entire program, including dissertation fee)

***The $200 Graduation Fee at the completion of your program still applies, but can be reduced to $150 if also paid in advance of beginning the program. 


Tuition paid on a per course basis is non-refundable. Tuition paid for a program in full is non-refundable after 30 days, and any courses you have accessed will be non-refundable.

Since there are absolutely no time limits at WTS, there is no pressure to finish within a certain time frame. You set the pace.

Enroll today, start tomorrow. At WTS, your education is in your hands! We are here to serve you for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom.