Why Choose WTS?

We invite you to sit at the feet of Jesus Christ and dive deep into His word. That is what Word Theological Seminary (WTS) is all about. Whether you are a beginning or a seasoned Bible student and/or minister of the Word, we offer a quality biblical and theological education that rivals America’s top seminaries, only at a decimal of the cost. So if you have an insatiable hunger for God and for the scriptures and you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars per course, then we would love for you to study with us. Wherever you choose to study, please remember to be a diligent and serious student of the Bible (II Timothy 2:15), and please keep in mind that human opinion is never perfect and should always be reconciled to what the scriptures teach (II Peter 1:20). Our humble advice: Get grounded in the Word of God before or while you pursue any type of theological education.

What makes WTS unique?

· Affordable! Seeking God and preparing for ministry should not drown you in debt!

· 100% online. Study out in God’s creation or in the comfort of your own home. You decide!

· No terms or start dates. Start when you are ready and study at your own pace. Finish when you finish.

· High quality biblical and theological education! Our curriculum is comparable to many top seminaries, yet affordable!

· We teach both the Bible along with Ministry and Theology, emphasising biblical  truth as as supreme in all theological and ministry considerations.

· We are firmly dedicated to equipping and preparing all believers’ hearts and minds for the work of ministry!

· We accept transfer credits from almost any school in the world. Don’t waste your time studying at the levels at which you have already studied.

· Group discounts available off our already low tuition! Study on your own or with your spouse, a family member, a friend, or with a group at your church and split the cost of your education! No other school offers such an amazing benefit. Ask about the "buddy system" or the "cohort" group system.


So why wait? APPLY NOW, and let us sit together and study at the feet of the Master!